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statement of purpose

The essence of a good portfolio manager is not the one that claims they can make you the most money, but the one that can earn you the most money in light of your ability to handle the risk.  In the end, the investor who wins is not the one who sought to finish ahead of everyone else, but simply the one that sought to finish......John Maffei     

Individuals with responsibility for investing small and mid-size investment plans, have long had difficulty securing impartial and sophisticated financial guidance. Most people are too busy pursuing careers and outside interests to spend the time required to manage an extensive securities portfolio. Investors are often disappointed with their own results. Individuals with substantial investment portfolios, as well as corporate executives with time to devote to the portfolio, have the desire not to be that involved in the day to day management of the portfolio, but rather have a compelling feeling that professional guidance is best, especially considering the size of funds involved. Often investors fail to resist the emotional urge based on shortsighted reactions to market fluctuations, or respond to exaggerated stories in the press that often prompt them to make ill-considered and later regretted investment decisions.

Traditionally, stockbrokers and financial planners have been compensated from commissions based solely on the recommended purchase and sale of investment products. Although perfectly allowable, this always points a light on a potential conflict of interest between a financial advisor's compensation and the best interests of their clients. While fee only money management firms are often better qualified to avoid this potential conflict, most firms have narrow investment styles and have concentrated on servicing only very large investment portfolio clients.

MFM Capital Management, Inc., founded in 1986, blended the gap between both extremes. The company does not derive any commissions from the purchase or sale of securities recommended to clients, instead choosing to manage portfolios for a fee. This eliminates any potential conflict of interest with clients regarding compensation based on recommendations. MFM Capital has chose to serve the investment needs of clients where personal service, attention to detail, and human interaction all play a vital role in the complete management of a client portfolio program. We are convinced that being well diversified and investing for long-term growth and consistency, is a much more profitable course of action than the short-term trading activity that typically passes for investing. We stand committed to the proposition that our primary focus will always center, on seeking the best financial interest for our clients, who have entrusted their investment funds to our personal management and care.


MFM Capital provides investment management services to individuals, corporate, pension and profit sharing plans, trusts and estates, and non-profit entities, investing their accounts in a broad spectrum of no load (no commission) mutual funds, stocks bonds and other investment vehicles. MFM selects specific mutual funds, managed by investment professionals with a documented record of achievement, consistent returns, and reasonable operating charges. We monitor the performance of these investments making appropriate portfolio adjustments in response to shifting economic and market conditions. All MFM clients have their own separately managed portfolio, structured to meet their individual determined objectives, asset mixes, and risk tolerances. Each account is managed towards a clients personal investment comfort level.

While MFM receives no compensation from TD Ameritrade, all client funds are held in their own TD Ameritrade custodian account, a subsidiary of Toronto Dominion Bank. TD Ameritrade is a member of SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) where each account is insured up to $50 million dollars. MFM holds no securities or cash of client accounts. Custody of cash and securities is held by depository trust firms engaged by TD Ameritrade. MFM solely has limited authority to enact trades on a client behalf, or request check disbursements payable to clients. Monthly, TD Ameritrade provides MFM clients with a detailed summary of transactions, including dividends and interest received, purchase and sale of securities, receipts and disbursements of funds and the net value of the account.

Unlike a stockbroker or financial planner, MFM does not sell financial products or work for commissions, thus eliminating any possible conflict of interest between MFM and its clients. MFM is free to use a wide variety of securities that are easy to buy and sell at the lowest cost, that are in the best interest of our clients. In uncertain periods of market volatility, client funds may be invested in, or retained in, money market accounts, CD's or Treasury Bills to protect asset principal and reduce volatility.