All Clients of MFM are entitled and encouraged to utilize the 1 hour interview session that comes included with any Form 1040 personal tax preparation service. For new clients this would be required prior to the preparation of any tax return. In addition to this, clients receive; 

A yearly Tax Newsletter highlighting recent tax law changes,

If your itemized deductions are significant, or you have business, rental real estate, or numerous capital gain or

loss transactions, a handy organizer is provided free of charge to help assemble your records for current year,

The opportunity to get refunds quickly by use of electronic filing, at an attractive low price,

but most important.....

MFM would like to ensure that all client tax matters are not hampered by the clock. Your time is valuable, and concern about our fees are also a consideration, however, we seek to devote the time necessary to answer your questions, render tax planning recommendations, and prepare your return in the most accurate and compliant manner possible. Most individuals file tax returns only once per year. At MFM, we want to share that opportunity with you, giving you, our client, the service, knowledge and personal time your financial matters deserve. It may be only once a year we get this opportunity... but for us... we feel you are truly worth it.

Realizing that each clients tax situation may be different, we have described below, our general basic fees.  If your desire specific information on your situation please contact us.


Unless other arrangements are made in advance, fees for consultations are due at the completion of the interview. Fees for tax preparation services are due when the return is completed. 



Standard Consultation Rate

$ 160.00 per hr  ( 1 hour minimum )

Interview time after 1st hour

$ 160.00 per hr   ( or part thereof )

Additional Research/Discussion Time

$ 160.00 per hr   ( or part thereof )

Form 1040-EZ

$ 50.00-up

Form 1040-A

$ 95.00-up

Form 1040 with attachments

$ 180.00-up

Electronic Filing  (MFM prepared return)

First time $20.00, thereafter Free

New Business Start-up Conference

$ 225.00 Flat Fee (up to 2hrs)

New Business Entity Document Formation & Conference

$ 500.00 - ($350.00 if in connection with Start-Up Conference)    

Estate-Trust-Gift-Non-Profit Entities

Varies-Please call for information

Business & Corporate Entities

Varies-Please call for information